Ideale 2019

Penny Monogiou

Opening – Friday, 29th of March 2019 / The exhibition will be inaugurated by mr. Nicos Nicolaides, Mayor of Limassol.

Time – 19: 30

Open until – 3rd of April 2019

At Beat Pazar, Chatziloizi Michailide 20, a side road off Saripolou Square, opposite Mallon Glikis traditional coffee shop, Limassol / +357 99 076221 /
Penny Monogiou’s artistic practice examines how dreams and plans for the future can suddenly turn into a monstrous reality. Starting with a thorough study of Greece’s post-war history and
referring to issues such as civil war, political exile or the dictatorship period, Monogiou’s artistic interest evolved between issues such as political challenge, individual pain and identity issues.
The work presented in the framework of the exhibition Ideale is influenced by the artist’s stay at Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, where she worked with a scholar holder for two months. Known
masterpieces of art history are a source of inspiration for the luxurious attire and attitude depicted in Monogiou’s works. Her visits at the Zwinger Museum in Dresden, as well as the personal friction of the artist with the Greek icon painting during her studies, contribute to the creation of a series of expressionistic portraits that raise the issue of the social ideal of beauty and individuality of every person. An ideal that the artist breaks, by giving the faces swollen noses, huge heads, distorted lips. The intense quest for something intimate, for a known feeling, for a familiar face, remains unsuccessful. The rigid, gloomy faces with the blank look are so hard to read as the people of today’s society.

Lea Asbrock, Art historian B.A